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Do you have questions on your mind? Find answers to tough questions on science, philosophy, and religion.

Agnosticism Definition
What do Agnostics believe in or not believe in? Are they simply free thinkers who ignore the notion of God?

Christian Science Beliefs
What is the authority? Christian Science uses the Bible, but interprets it in light of Eddy's metaphysical writings, particularly S&H.

Complexity of a Cell
How has the complexity of the cell impacted biology and other sciences? Has it pushed the theory of evolution to answer new questions?

Creation Origins
How does the Creation model compare to the Naturalist model? What is the source in each model?

DNA Complexity
The cell is very complicated, using vast numbers of phenomenally precise DNA instructions to control its every function.

Define Ethical Behavior
What are ethics? Is it easily defined and consistent for everyone? What part does the conscience play?

Define Moral Relativism
Is there right and wrong? Where is the line? Who decides what is right? What is moral relativism?

Define Morality
What does morality mean in our multi-faceted world? Is it the same for everyone? Is there a standard of morality?

Define Secular Humanism
What is humanism? What is the primary focus of this worldview. How does it differ from Nihilism?

Definition of Atheism
What is it? Read a brief summary of atheism and the basic tenants. How does secular humanism fit in?

Facts About the Dead Sea Scrolls
Why are the Dead Sea Scrolls called the greatest manuscript discovery of modern times? Find out here.

Finding Meaning in Life
Where did I come from? How did I get here? What's my purpose on earth? Where do I go when I die?

Fossil Dating
Learn about the earth’s crust and how it consists of many layers of sedimentary rock. What do the layers indicate?

How Can Some Religions Say They Are Right
Are all religions correct? They all make the claim? Think through this problem and come to a conclusion.

How Did Communism Start
What is the origin of this economic and political philosophy? What was the primary purpose?

How Did Religions Start
What is polytheism, pantheism, and monotheism? How are they important to the origin of religion?

How Does Carbon Dating Work
How does carbon dating work? What is the process for dating when an organism died? Find out.

How Does DNA Work
What is DNA and how does it work? Which came first, DNA or proteins? Find out what a predicament that is.

How Does Prophecy Work
Since humans are unable to foresee future events, 100%-fulfilled prophecy would appear to be an acceptable evidence of Divine inspiration. Right?

How can so many people believe in God
Why is a belief in the divine so prevalent? Are people just weak and need God in their lives to make them feel better?

How can we prove God is real
What does common sense tell us? Common sense seems to state that concept and design require an intelligent designer.

Impact of Charles Darwin
How has Darwin impacted your worldview? How has he impacted the world in which we live?

Is there Absolute Truth
How can an absolute truth apply to everybody? Simply because it's an absolute! If it didn't apply to everyone, it would be relative.

Is there Order in the Universe
Study thoughts regarding the order that is found in the universe around us. Does everything line up?

Meaning of Theism
What is the difference between Theism and Atheism? Is there testable evidence for proof of Theism?

Missing Link in Evolution
How does the missing link impact our view of origins? Where is the ape-man? Find out info here.

Origin of Man Theories
Why is it important to understand our beginnings? The mainstream origin of man theory states that mankind and apes came from a common ancestor.

Philosophical Materialism
Learn about this belief where existence can be explained in terms of matter. Learn about materialism.

Philosophical Naturalism
Discover the summary points to this philosophical position. What makes up this viewpoint?

Radiometric Dating Techniques
What is this dating technique and how does it measure rate of decay? What kind of rock can this technique date?

Religious Archaeology
What is biblical archaeology? Archaeology has been a great source of vindication for both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

Science and Intelligent Design
Does life necessitate an intelligent designer? Is there agreement between scientists on this topic?

Science and the Big Bang Theory
Missing origin, missing fuse, missing star formation, missing antimatter, missing mass, missing life… find out more.

Stages of Evolution
What are the seven phases of evolution? Study each fundamental stage of this theory of origins.

Summary of Buddhism
Buddhism was founded as a form of atheism that rejected the belief in a personal, creator God.

Summary of Catholicism
What is the basic theology of the Catholic Church? How is it distinguished from Protestant beliefs?

Summary of Christianity
What is the purpose of the new covenant? Why is it important in a summary of Christianity?

Summary of Hinduism
What is Hinduism all about? What is the ultimate hope of Hindus and the tenants of the belief system?

Summary of Islam
How do Muslims think they can gain eternal salvation? Is the Qur'an is held alone as the religion's true authority?

Summary of Jehovah's Witness
How did the JW religion begin? What prompted the founding of it? What are the basic doctrines?

Summary of Judaism
The history of Israel recorded in the Bible covers approximately 1800 years, and presents a powerful record of God's promises, miracles, blessings, and judgments.

Summary of Masonry
Over the years, Masons have been considered everything from a Christian brotherhood to a fraternity of the occult.

Summary of Mormonism
What’s the history? Smith claimed to have a revelation from God in 1820, pursuant to which Smith was called to establish the true church.

Summary of New Age Religion
What is the goal of mankind? We are viewed as divine, as co-creators, and as the ultimate hope for the future of our earth.

Summary of Protestant Beliefs
What do Protestants believe? Where did this segment originate? Understand the basic tenants.

Summary of Scientology
Who is God to those in Scientology? He is a specific concept or more vague? Study this religion here.

The Existence of God
Is it possible to prove that God does exist? Study the facts and a quote from Dr. Wernher Von Braun.

Theories of the Origin of the Universe
What are the hypotheses of how the universe began? What are the most supported theories of the origin?

Theory of the Origin of Life
How do scientists explain the beginning of life? What is the foundation of today’s scientific worldviews?

Transitional Fossils
Modern Intelligent Design theorists cite the lack of transitional fossils as an indictment against macro-evolutionary theory.

Uniformitarianism, Catastrophism, and Geology
Understand these geological doctrines and how they work. What have the experts said of Catastrophism and Uniformitarianism?

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